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Le Figaro Le Figaro encompasses the whole political, social, cultural, national and international actuality, finely sifted by our teams of journalists, special envoys and correspondents in France and throughout the world.
Le Figaro Magazine The weekly dealing with actuality and the art of living week-ends. Magazine of knowledge and information, Le Figaro Magazine deals with the political, social and economic actuality as well as with the art of living and leisure. With its cultural debates, society investigations, ideas on travelling, the discovery of distant civilisations, Le Figaro Magazine represents the week-end's indispensable complement.
Madame Figaro Madame Figaro is the top publication for selective women. Each week, Madame Figaro reveals all the latest fashion and beauty trends. With its high level editorial approach and iconographic quality, Madame Figaro cultivates elegance, refinement, sophistication and innovation for its female readers in search of novelty and reference models.