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www.cotesud.fr Through a whole series of reportages and images of exceptional quality, Maisons Côté Sud veritably reveals the art of living around the Mediterranean. Homes, decor, places, flavours, handicrafts and outings, Maisons Côté Sud retains beauty and authenticity in its charm as well as in its modernity. In the quest for certainties, aesthetics and emotions, Maisons Côté Sud stretches beyond the regional boundaries to embody the South's universal spirit, synonym for sun, culture and the art of living.   coteouest Maisons Côté Ouest proposes reportages on homes, places, flavours and savoir-faire and, above all, on everything that stands for the Atlantic sprit of our beautiful Western countryside. A culture that stretches from the north of Scotland to the south of the Basque coast, and from Normandy to New England.
www.cotemaison.fr Like the image of the towns and regions of the East of France, Maisons Côté Est brims with talent, tradition and extreme sophistication. It is without doubt the most original interior decoration magazine from amongst its group of titles. With its incredible cultural wealth and its authentic art of living, the "east" of Côté Est embodies the new Eldorado for those seeking fresh inspirations where interior decorating is concerned.   Maison Française Maison Française, This exclusive magazine, 100% devoted to interior decorating. Maison Française is the only title within its group of publications that is a pure concentration of interior decorating. Maison Française is always proudly in tune with its times, conjugating the meaning and trends of interior decorating and design.
Maison Magazine Simple, useful and beautiful, Maison Magazine encompasses all aspects of the home: appointments, equipment, decorating and garden. It is naturally aimed at readers that seek ideas, examples, and expert or artful suggestions for embellishing their homes, one of life's main targets of interest.   atmospheres Atmosphères is the feminine magazine that combines the art of good living with that of being oneself. It focalises the interest of lady readers on its particular viewpoint regarding trends, interior decorating, society, travels and all that contributes towards life's charm. Atmosphères is a unique concept regarding 3 stages of pleasure: Fashion and Creators, Beauty and Well-being, Culture and Evasions..
L'Express Styles L'Express Styles: the ladies publication that provides pleasure and meaning. A journalistic trait which translates into interviews, exclusive pieces and scoops on what makes fashion. The magazine offers its readers 5 spheres of reading. Temptations, Encounters, Epochs visited through Styles, Interactions with others and Culture.   copertina_lire

Lire is a magazine that encourages its readers to discover the French and foreign literary topicality. Lire guides them in their reading choices. Famous literary personalities collaborate in the magazine's publication. Literary topics, essays and exhaustive abstracts by critics invite you to discover new authors as well as those that have already made their mark.
Classica Each month, Classica proposes the essential elements of topicality, and of classic and jazz music. With its insert, Répertoire, it offers 60 pages of news reportage on musical CDs and DVDs. France Music's complete programme is a monthly supplement and, for subscribers, the programme of the Mezzo chain.   L'Express The Express, created by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber and Françoise Giroud, is the first weekly dealing with French information. It covers the three spheres of their readers' lives: the public sphere (news), the economic sphere (Economy, Réussir, offers of employment) and the personal sphere (L'Express Styles).
L'Express International Founded in 1966, L'Express International is France's foremost news magazine in the world. It provides expatriate citizens with a window on French actuality, a French viewpoint on the international events for the Francophone opinion leaders as well as a complement of information in relation to local press..   L'Expansion Is the magazine that provides meaning where the economy is concerned. Monthly, l'Expansion attentively observes whatever makes up the world of today... And that of tomorrow. It proposes information that is complete, pertinent and concise on the economic and social actuality, through data collections, investigations, reportages, short stories and portraits.
Studio Magazine Studio Magazine deals with, and analyses, the actuality of the world of motion pictures and its trends through a high-level study, with choice interventions made by actors and directors, but also writers and artists... Since early 2006, a reduced format of Studio is also being published.   Ciné Live Ciné Live, is the magazine that " gets read, viewed and listened to". A concept which associates hard-copy paper and Internet (ticker-tape titles, reportages, interviews, preview images...). A pocket version has been launched in parallel, aimed at urban youth.
Point de Vue The leading lights of art, science, politics, fashion, beauty, literature, the courts, the world "scenes" or gala evenings. This is the nobility of international actuality. They make History, both the grand and the less significant. We are fascinated by their destiny. And you, likewise. Each week, with Point de Vue you can enter the circle of these exceptional people!