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Marie Claire Leader among the classier Ladies Magazines, Marie Claire anticipates the evolution in the lives of women and expresses all their "diversity". Every month, Marie Claire gazes upon our society's evolution, a view that is precursory and without taboos. A reference point for Fashion and Beauty, Marie Claire inspires and exalts women.   Marie Claire Idées Rich, aesthetically and definitively feminine, with each season, Marie Claire Idées opens an exclusive itinerary of creations, ours and those of others. Unique combination of trends and refinement, Marie Claire Idées personalises fashion, witnesses the accessories metamorphosis, reinterpreting beauty and seducing, even in the kitchen...
Marie Claire Maison Owing to its approach and way of life, Marie Claire Maison approaches the home as a life's project, a personal imprint in a singular mix of styles and epochs. Forerunner and detector of trends, it offers a home that is at the same time poetic, extraordinary, elegant, ecologic, nomadic... or simply, liveable!   Avantages Feminine and generalist, Avantages is the Easy Attitude magazine, with a laid-back and positive behavioural approach destined to render the life of young and active women more fluid, more «Pleasurable» and simpler.
Marie France Marie France, the unique magazine that is the mouthpiece of the new forty-year olds. At the service of these women, most surprising, most impertinent and sexier than ever, Marie France audaciously and energetically affirms beauty, culture and the art of living with selective concepts on fashion.   Cuisine et Vins de France Cuisine et Vins de France summons all enthusiasts, whether experts or amateurs, to enjoy all the gourmets pleasures of gastronomy, wines and tourism.
100 Idées Jardin Unique women's magazine dedicated to the garden, 100 Idées Jardin gives life to a vibrant nature that promotes the desire for a gardening experience. Combining inspiration, the art of decoration and consumption, 100 Idées Jardin makes of the garden a veritable space to be lived, personal and adaptable.   Votre Beauté Votre Beauté is the unique reference point for all the beauty secrets dedicated to the women readers, hyper-consumers and experts.
Mariages Mariages is a top-line magazine offering information on all the preparative stages of a marriage. Not only the bride's wedding dress but also the outfit of the future spouse, the jewellery, the bride's hairstyle, make-up, the wedding list, honeymoon and reception ... Traditions, planning, intelligent solutions, reliable addresses: everything on weddings can be found in Mariages.